Jul 31, 2009, 08:47AM


Building the local lexicon.

Allow me to introduce a new word into our regional lexicon: Baltimoaner

BALTIMOANER - a person who complains about the representation of Baltimore in the media. Specifically, one who doesn't like the way Baltimore appears in TV shows like Homicide and The Wire (and the recent "Rust Belt" episode of  Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations).  Instead of being proud, for example, that the city is the setting (and even a character, really) for 2 of the greatest TV shows of all time, they complain that the city is shown in these shows as crime-laden and  in decay (while being completely ignorant of Baltimore's long and rich history of crime lit - Dashiell Hammett, Edgar Allen Poe up through David Simon, Laura Lippman) . And instead of actually trying to do anything to make the city better, they simply whine and complain whenever Baltimore is portrayed in a light they don't like.


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