Apr 01, 2009, 07:30AM

Excited masses

A list of 27 non-mainstream sports.

Our favorite:

25. Shin kicking

Remember when you were little and some little snotty brat would come up to you and kick you in the shin for no reason? Did you ever think that they may be conditioning themselves for a sport? Probably not, but shin kicking is a real sport. It was invented in the Cotwolds of England in the 1600s and currently an annual event in what is called the “Cotswold Olympicks”.

The object of the sport is to kick your opponent so that he falls down in pain. If you manage to do so, you earn a point. There are three rounds and the rounds are timed like in boxing. The person with the highest amount of points in each round wins that round and the overall winner of the match is the one that wins tow out of the three rounds. Sound painful? Undoubtedly it is, but they do get to pad their shins with hay.


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