Nov 23, 2009, 04:57AM

A good man is hard to find

Ladies, your complete guide to finding a husband has arrived.

Getting together...men and women....

Entire libraries could, and probably are, filled with information on the subject.  I know that bookstores are!  There are plenty of books with women telling the men what they "need to do" in order to get a woman's attention.  There are also plenty of books--some by women, some by men--instructing women on how to get men to pursue them.

I believe that's at best an incomplete, and at worst, wrong, approach.  I refer to the over 50% divorce rate in this country as anecdotal evidence.  We should not have such an insane statistic in The Greatest Nation on Earth.

What's the incompleteness, the "missing piece?"  I've discovered that it's this:  what has not been properly addressed is what a woman "needs to do" to get and keep a man who's actually a good one.  That's the point of this essay--to address just that.  Interestingly, this is also how a man can tell when a woman is actually a "good one" as well!


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