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My husband and I are seniors. My children are adults. This question about legalization of marijuana and the flippant way Obama fielded it are extremely upsetting. We STRONGLY support the legalization of marijuana for many reasons: a. because the phony war on drugs has not worked and is an abysmal failure b. because it would help the economy a great deal.. c. Because too many of our citizens are in prison for a victimless crime of drug use and we are contributing to a system that makes the penal system a BUSINESS !!! d. Because marijuana, unless other drugs does NOT lead to the use of other dangerous drugs and the propaganda about it has not been bought by thinking Americans; only the most closed-minded, reactionary fanatics buy into that e. Marijuana DOES have medically useful use, esp. for cancer patients dealing with chemotherapy but also for glaucoma and other illnesses. We supported Obama, I campaigned for him and when he glibly comments about who is on the net, he should wake up and learn that many, many Americans do not buy into this terrible abuse of our legal system monetarily and morally to punish people who at the worst hurt themselves, not others. And most use a drug much much less harmful than our acceptable, respectable, more popular and dangerous drug, alcohol. When will our government leaders "GET" this ???