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Feb 09, 2023, 06:26AM

You Know, Everybody Knew

A 2020 Shower of Kunst interview with artist Stephanie Syjuco vs a 2020 Los Angeles Times interview with TV fashion mentor Tim Gunn.

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Stephanie Syjuco: You know, everybody knew.

Tim Gunn: They shut you out. I wasn’t expecting that.

Syjuco: Which has implications: Orientalism, domestication, the exotic, foreign versus domestic.

Gunn: It’s a much broader dialogue, and I find it much more interesting.

Syjuco: Yes. It has limitless potential.


Gunn: And every night at 7 o'clock I burst into tears.

Syjuco: So the backdrop is becoming the foreground.

Gunn: But that happens a lot.


Syjuco: I wanted the viewer’s mind to wander, and I wanted it to start making connections that you can’t easily speak of in a linear manner.

Gunn: How spectacular is the footage? It’s cinematic. It’s otherworldly.

Syjuco: They’re each 20 feet long. 


Gunn: I pummel people with questions, because I can’t begin to respond to their work until I know what’s going on. What are their goals? What was their point of departure? How do they feel about the work?

Syjuco: They are full of documents, photographs, notations, and all sorts of weird things. They’re quite cheap.

Gunn: I’m not who they are. I frequently disagreed.

Syjuco: You’re getting ready to paint it something else.



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