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May 03, 2023, 06:28AM

Well, Of Course, Of Course It Does

A 1980 2nd National Black Films & Filmmakers Series interview with director/screenwriter Kathleen Collins vs. 2023 UnHerd interview with author/musician Nick Cave.

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Kathleen Collins: You could have the convention where the camera was swinging around and nobody was there, or one could use special effects and make him appear as a disembodied person.

Nick Cave: I mean, this sounds crazy, but I was worried about him. I never met him unfortunately.

Collins: That’s your answer.

Cave: Yeah. I suddenly couldn’t tour.

Collins: That is, of course, part of a unique ability not to take oneself too seriously.


Cave: You can arrive at things, you can find things out about yourself.

Collins: You have to approach it from inside of yourself.

Cave: So you have this feeling of arrival, but I don’t think you ever really arrive. There’s an excitement around talking openly about ideas and so forth.

Collins: That’s right. You excuse all of your technological inefficiencies by making a philosophical statement about the nature of reality, like that’s a part of the reality of the situation.

Cave: Well, of course, of course it does. 


Collins: It all depends on what one wants.

Cave: Angels are one of those things, for sure.

Collins: They’re not real people but rather people who are mythical and whose solution to life's problems are big, bold solutions, so the novel spoke to me personally.

Cave: Just something different. People just won’t have it.

Collins: Film looms as the nemesis and we have not faced it for what it means.

Raymond Cummings has contributed to Splice Today for 13 years.


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