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Jan 21, 2014, 09:39AM

We're Just Sort of the Gap in Between

A 2001 PBS New Hour interview with Fox News anchor Shepard Smith vs. a 2013 Reddit Q&A with New York magazine art critic Jerry Saltz.

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Shepard Smith: You know, I'm standing on the corner this morning, this bus is coming by, and this woman runs right out of the street, and the bus is about to hit her, and she just keeps running.

Jerry Saltz: If I understand what you're saying, I think I agree. It's boring.

Smith: Why not make it conversational?

Saltz: What the market creates, let the market destroy.

Smith: You know, I thought that we were reflecting, not creating.

Saltz: A more complicated answer would be, for example, in the West, women were not allowed to be artists until the 19th century.

Smith: You don't need all of those verbs.

Saltz: Which may die soon, anyway. I'll be watching.

Smith: We're just sort of the gap in between.

Saltz: You gotta be better than that. Fake IDs, whatever it takes. Begin to try to infiltrate, at once.

Smith: We don't have the patience. We're throwing words up on the screen, we're putting sound effects in there.

Saltz: We are all the prairie dogs and I love us.

Smith: Sometimes that's all you need to know.

Saltz: Take good care of your teeth.


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