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Aug 29, 2008, 07:03AM

Understanding The Alt Couple

Do you know a couple whose love is so intense that the power of their hearts increases the zaniness of their accessories? Hipster Runoff does. He explains that when you find that special someone, no other tastemaker matters.

Couple.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

The world's alt-est couple manage to look more interesting than any two people could even possibly be by themselves'. They are even more perplexing than the forever young alt. High Level Alt Couples happen when 2 people create their own society where true-alt love exists and you are only judged by one God--the other person in your relationship. They have a perfect world, and they go thrifting a lot and find a bunch of interesting looking stuff for one another. They listen to every cool new artist and are completely unaware of every cool, new artist. They are cultured, but still manage to have the communication capabilities of some one from 1920.

An Alternative Couple doesn't live in the same world that regular alts live in. It's a zen-like state-- the only thing that matters is how the other member of the relationship perceives you. Whether you know it or not, it becomes a competition to outdo one another to build a stronger personal brand through zany outfits & accessories.


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