Pop Culture
Nov 30, 2009, 05:16AM

Think I'll pack it in and buy a pickup

A 47-year-old NYC photographer takes his modest savings and starts anew.

Have you ever thought to yourself, " How would I do it if I had it to do all over again?"  Usually this thought only pops into your head when you are about to die or your life is in ruin or perhaps during a midlife crisis where family and job stress suddenly takes its toll.  This feeling is usually accompanied by mounting debt and an overwhelming feeling of being trapped in the life you have chosen.  Tension in the world, an unstable economy, high fuel prices, and mind numbing popular culture may also add to this feeling of utter futility.  For me, it was a little bit of all of the above but the real tipping point was the death of my father last year.  That made me sit down and take a serious look at where my path has led me and how I could best proceed to live a fulfilling life and honor his memory.  


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