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Jun 01, 2023, 06:28AM

There’s Something For Your Little Tape Recorder

A 2022 Hazlitt interview with novelist John Irving vs. a 2014 Hidden Films interview with film director Charles Lane.

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John Irving: Everything has been talked about with someone.

Charles Lane: It was hot, explosive stuff when I wanted to do it.

Irving: A kind of hall of mirrors.

Lane: All of it was a dream.

Irving: It happens over and over again.


Lane: There’s something for your little tape recorder.

Irving: I feel the same way. Unless you’re a ghost.

Lane: There were no conflicts, no egos.


Irving: I don’t re-watch a lot of old movies. If you’re in the third person, you can skip ten or fifteen years.

Lane: You have people just constantly bustling in the background.

Irvine: You can’t do that in the first-person voice! 


Lane: We talked a little bit and I asked if he might consider being in one of my films, and he gave me his agent’s number.

Irving: Is it like the 1950s? No. [Laughs] But is the uptightness similar?

Lane: The answer is yes and no.

Irving: I think that’s a given.


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