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Oct 03, 2012, 06:20AM

That Was the Whole Idea

A 1992 Fargone Books interview with countercultural author Ken Kesey vs. a 2012 Alternative Press interview with Internet provocateur/enabler Hunter Moore.

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Ken Kesey: I've been telling everyone that I'm mainly interested in warriors.

Hunter Moore: You might know them, pass them at school.

Kesey: They tested our motor skills, our memories, our ability to create, to imagine, they tested our urine and our blood--all the results of those tests still exist somewhere.

Moore: They can’t do anything to me. I don’t give a fuck about anyone else.

Kesey: But it makes for a nice thing to package and distribute--like a box of tampons.

Moore: That was the whole idea.

Kesey: Children keep it alive. They’re almost run by their machinery.

Moore: Nothing in the States. I feel like the lawyers were committing the real crimes, taking these peoples' money when they knew they couldn't get anything done. It just slipped out of my hands way too fast.

Kesey: All the grapes hanging out there fermenting.

Moore: If I was a horrible guy I would've posted suicide pictures, dudes fucking dogs with no heads, car accidents.

Kesey: We were naive. We thought that we had come to a new place, a new, exciting, free place; and that it was going to be available to all America.

Moore: The thing I've learned is what people will do for a few moments of attention.

Kesey: They want to be part of some kind of beginning, middle and end that they can relate to, the same way as the tribe can relate the story about going out and killing the deer and evoking the deer spirit, and raising the spirits of the tribe with the blood of the deer.

Moore: I started paying people to deal with that.


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