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Nov 16, 2009, 04:57AM

Scandal returns to World Sodoku Championship

The mysterious black-hooded man who took 3rd place. 

I never thought, given the level of distaste left in my mouth by serious organizational mistakes, bad puzzles, and other controversy at the World Sudoku Championships in Zilina, Slovakia, that I would ever again spend most of a trip back from a puzzle event in the midst of another serious controversy and with such serious disappointment at many parties. We'd laugh before the tournament about my declaration on my blog, in answer to a question from a competitor about music that popped up over here, that my opinion that "[d]uring the rounds I cannot imagine any listening devices ... are allowed", was trumped by a facebook organizer post basically saying "yes, you are :)" with that extra friendly smile. I'm betting at least one other competitor is wishing now that basic steps taken during any other testing situation (no cell phones or electronic devices for example) were in the considerations of these organizers when in reality a lot seems to be missed, in part because of either failed imagination or limited experience competing in (not just running) a tournament.


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