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Apr 14, 2014, 08:43AM

Puts Dance in the Bones

A 2014 Vice interview with musician Kevin Drew vs. a 1987 Film Comment interview with the late author/screenwriter Charles Bukowski.

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Kevin Drew: Someone goes on a trip, they want to show me photos, I'm in.

Charles Bukowski: It’s very hard to see them all at once.

Drew: Like they’re going to take you away from you.

Bukowski: I was thinking of horses when I said that, but I guess it applies everywhere. You’d never eat popcorn sitting at home.

Drew: Just be careful, man.

Bukowski: The next line.

Drew: Come on. Keep going.

Bukowski: I get some strange letters. 

Drew: Oh Christ yes. You just don’t have time.

Bukowski: You try to find another word. And suddenly somebody would make a statement, a sentence.

Drew: I get addicted to repetition.

Bukowski: Puts dance in the bones.

Drew: Soon there’s going to be therapists.

Bukowski: An innocent madness just flaring out.

Drew: You know, the idea to observe a woman eating an apple in a park is a thing of the past, you know, to—it's almost as if museums are held in your hand now. Apparently I’m number one on the stolen charts.

Bukowski: I better watch my drinking.

Drew: The gods are good to me.

Bukowski: Well, maybe.


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