Pop Culture
Jan 21, 2010, 07:45AM

Obama HOPE poster artist Shepard Fairey and the politics of free culture

"To those who decry lack of originality in Fairey's work, the artist agrees. 'The idea of originality is pretty ridiculous. It's virtually impossible to be original. Language is based on reference. To me as a visual artist, I use reference in my work all the time, both images that have a specific connotation and styles that have a specific connotation.'"

One of the many highlights of my first semester in LA was the chance to see and meet Shepard Fairey. who I regard as one of the most significant visual artists of our times and a focal point for debates about the politics/poetics of appropriation and fair use. Fairey spoke on stage with my new colleague, Sarah Banet-Weiser.


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