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Aug 05, 2014, 09:42AM

Nothing's Gonna Change

A 2012 Village Voice interview with musician Jennifer Herrema vs. a 2009 McSweeney’s interview with pro skateboarder Christian Hosoi.

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Jennifer Herrema: I create my own universe and a lot of people come in.

Christian Hosoi: They’re so used to being exploited.

Herrema: It’s a payday, definitely.

Hosoi: You know it was. How much was I making?

Herrema: We don’t give a fuck.


Hosoi: You know, God has a plan for your life.

Herrema: Well, that’s the problem. I’m whatever.

Hosoi: Eventually you will be put in prison, kill somebody or get killed.

Herrema: I would hope not.


Hosoi: You listen to prominent people, doctors, successful people.

Herrema: Major label bands, bands with money. Like an email, once or twice a year.

Hosoi: How do I tell people to sacrifice all that?

Herrema: Actually, I think some motherfucker just did that, too.

Hosoi: But there is hope.

Herrema: No. Nothing’s gonna change.

Hosoi: So if that erupts and somebody does come on because there are cameras it ends up being an intervention for their spiritual life that ultimately changes their life forever.

Herrema: Fuck, dude—take some medication and get outta your head.


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