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Oct 23, 2009, 08:41AM

Keeping things creative

Reflections on the good life. For starters, "Ignore everybody."

Warning, this blog is long. Posted on my website recently and wanted to share with ND crew. My current day gig is at an old Hollywood prop shop....the trendy film and television folks who use our biz are a constant source of amusement and song fodder. Since I was 14 years old, I have always had some type of job or work that was not at all music related. And have always felt this was a big part of my songwriting… just the regular day to day living, breathing and bumping up against other people. And though I have enjoyed most of my music touring years, I tend to prefer peace and quiet, the writing/recording process and just hanging with my wife at home. Over the years I have thought a lot about this ongoing need to keep creating these new sounds/songs while maintaining some sort of stable life sanity. The list below lays that push and pull out better than I ever could. From Hugh MacLeod’s new book Ignore Everybody. Enjoy… KP


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