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Sep 26, 2012, 08:19AM

I Wish You Were Talking To An Imposter

A 2010 Time Out London interview with renegade graffiti artist Banksy vs. a 2003 CNN interview with late pop star Rick James.

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James: I mean, come on now.

Banksy: It's in my interest not to comment on any of the photos doing the rounds.

Rick James: These accusations are lies, they're untrue, and it's not going to happen.

Banksy: In New Orleans I painted on a dilapidated shop in a street littered with abandoned cars and rotting mattresses, then two hours later the piece was gone. It turned out I'd picked the side of a crack house and the proprietor didn't like the attention.

James: I think he's fantastic. I love his whole family.

Banksy: I consider this whole experience to be a disaster on many levels.

James: Wonderful, wonderful.


Banksy: If you domesticate an animal, it goes from being wild and free to sterile, fat and sleepy.

James: Sometimes I wake up, kids are laying in my bed because they're scared or something, whatever.

Banksy: Practically every kid had a VW badge hanging around their necks that they'd stolen off a car in town.

James: Wonderful, wonderful. Beautiful. Why don’t they go after Santa Claus?


Banksy: I’d never thought about it like that.

James: Nobody said a damn thing.

Banksy: I wish you were talking to an imposter.

James: Wait a minute.


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