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Mar 08, 2023, 06:28AM

I’m Kind of a Boring Guy

A 2006 Dusted Magazine interview with musician Barbara Morgenstern vs. a 2021 Harper’s Bazaar interview with menswear designer Jerry Lorenzo.

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Barbara Morgenstern: You get to recognize that mostly every city center looks the same and it’s OK, of course it’s about globalization, how we, the western world and the American economy are overwhelming all the cultures.

Jerry Lorenzo: It is fabric, constraint; it's fit, proportion. You can leave with a Jeanneret desk, or you can leave with Prada kicks.

Morgenstern: No pressure. [pauses to get some grapes] That was a bit difficult to get into.

Lorenzo: Sometimes it's a little too hotel giveaway.

Morgenstern: That’s what the song is about, this phone call.


Lorenzo: I always use Kenny G as an example, right?

Morgenstern: Yeah, for sure. That’s not bad.

Lorenzo: Turkey burgers. I’m kind of a boring guy.

Morgenstern: You think?

Lorenzo: Yeah.


Morgenstern: I know about this but I’m not a part of it. We can interact, we can have fun together, we can do some improvisations.

Lorenzo: And we're very sensitive to and cognizant of that.


Morgenstern: What do you mean?

Lorenzo: If I choose to go and get a paper with these lounge pants on and my California slides, am I going to be looked at like I have my pajamas on?

Morgenstern: Not all the time, but we see each other often.


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