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Jan 12, 2024, 06:29AM

I’ll Make a Clamshell Box For It

Part 1 and Part 2 of a 2019 Guild of Bookbinders interview with bookbinder Sam Feinstein vs. a 2004 Offscreen interview with filmmaker Werner Herzog.

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Werner Herzog: And I turn around and I see that the cameras are rolling and I say: “Are we rolling?” and he nods to me and I say: “What’s the scene all about?” and he just shrugs.

Sam Feinstein: Then I’ll make a clamshell box for it, make sure I’ve got a write up of technical aspects as well as design, and ship it off to the client.

Herzog: You plough the fields very carefully to sow and then you harvest.

Feinstein: It’s a long story so I’ll try to keep it short.

Herzog: These moments do not exist, per se.


Feinstein: The endpapers are plain, they don’t need to be fancy.

Herzog: And it had sails and quite everything massively built, because out there in the jungle you can’t get hold of, let’s say, papier mache or plastic.

Feinstein: Heat the tool, cool it, polish it, tool.

Herzog: That’s all there is, nothing more.

Feinstein: You will make mistakes.


Herzog: Yes. The procedure is sometimes very banal, very stupid, very technical and is filled with discipline.

Feinstein: I also wanted to convey the sovereignty of nature over our lives, and that it will be here when we are gone, beautiful as ever.

Herzog: What is your opinion? What is your belief?

Feinstein: And with the political realm being as divisive as it is, I imagine it could put people off. I’ll do my best to make this paragraph as non-controversial as I can.

Herzog: Which is a fiction anyway. Please continue.


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