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May 11, 2023, 06:27AM

I Edit Some of Them Mercilessly

A 2021 Rolling Stone interview with musician Lauryn Hill vs. a 1980 Relix interview with musician Jerry Garcia.

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Jerry Garcia: There was a time in my life when I was one of those guys who toted around a tape recorder.

Lauryn Hill: At that time, I felt like it was a duty or responsibility to do so.

Garcia: Pretty much. Then I got really bored with it. 


Hill: The entitlement that people often feel, like they somehow own you, or own a piece of you, can be incredibly dangerous.

Garcia: That stuff used to happen to us all the time.


Hill: I was called crazy.

Garcia: Yeah, it’s possible. I could go both ways.

Hill: Absolutely, which I touched upon in the answers before this one. 


Garcia: You never know. But as far as I was concerned, psychedelics were the confirmation of that seeking. All of a sudden, here’s this experience that goes quite beyond everyday reality, and is certainly very convincing and organized, and there’s something there.

Hill: When no one takes the time to understand, but only takes the time to count the money the fruit of this process produces, things can easily turn bad.

Garcia: None of these started as conscious decisions. I edit some of them mercilessly.

Hill: I’m still doing that.

Garcia: We can’t fool them. (laughs


Hill: We all have to grow, we all have to express ourselves with as much fullness and integrity as we can manage.

Garcia: I think the world is too paranoid for that much looseness to start to crop up anywhere, unless it’s very secretive.


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