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Aug 24, 2023, 06:28AM

Everyone’s Safe

A 2020 Center for Digital Culture and Society interview with oceanographer Dr. Vanessa Pirotta vs. a 2023 UnHerd interview with technologist-philosopher Jaron Lanier.

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Jaron Lanier: We don’t know what meaning is and we can’t represent meaning.

Vanessa Pirotta: Yeah. My budget at university was very limited.

Lanier: It makes you less able to make good decisions.

Pirotta: I’ve done everything right on my end. Everyone’s safe.

Lanier: I think that’s the road that leads to our potential extinction through insanity.


Pirotta: You don’t have to be close to whales.

Lanier: It shouldn’t be unusual; I think it should be more common.

Pirotta: Absolutely.

Lanier: Synthesizers haven’t killed violins.


Pirotta: We did really well.

Lanier: I think we might be something special.


Pirotta: He lowered the drone, he opened the Petri dish, and flew right in.

Lanier: That’s imaginable.

Pirotta: I’m not.

Lanier: That becomes a cultural dynamic and I trust people to handle that well.


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