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Dec 10, 2010, 05:57AM

Dying With Dignity

A June 2010, Larry King Live interview with the late Elizabeth Edwards vs. a 2008 Interview Magazine interview with exhibitionist/provocateur Sebastian Horsley.

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Sebastian Horsley: Getting old is horrible, but it is interesting.

Elizabeth Edwards: You don't like all of a sudden, fall off a cliff.

Horsley: I am desperate for attention. But everyone else is too.

Edwards: I don't really think about it when I'm getting chemotherapy.

Horsley: What happened to defiance?

Edwards: You know, you can't let yourself go down the chasm.

Horsley: The problem I've got is that I really, really like drugs.

Edwards: You say, if I had to choose between one of these, what would I choose?

Horsley: It’s like weeding your social garden.

Edwards: I just didn’t know what to expect.

Horsley: Does it hurt, getting shot?

Edwards: It will be sad for me and sad for them.

Horsley: I’m not telling you. Perfect happiness is not obtainable, so by the same token, perfect misery is not obtainable.

Edwards: If you see a bone scan and lights don't look like a Christmas tree or like Larry King's backdrop, then you are in good shape.

Horsley: I had to go on a vegan diet after I got on the scales and they said, "Come back when you're alone." I was like 15 stone.

Edwards: You’re alive. As long as you are walking around, as long as you aren't dead now, then you are alive.

Horsley: Life for most people is a process of shedding those fantasies.

Edwards: You know, they become friends of yours. I promised to bring mine, which I did.

Horsley: It’s all right to be miserable.

Edwards: I try really not to focus on what the end going to look like.

Horsley: It's just the transfer of bones from one graveyard to the other.

Edwards: If I'm feeling good, that's a good sign.

Horsley: It doesn’t make any difference.


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