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Jan 09, 2024, 06:27AM

The Beekeeper is About Hunter Biden

It's not that good, but I wonder if there will be any more Hunter Biden movies this year.

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If you read Valerie Biden Owens’ biography, Growing Up Biden, some things about the Biden presidency are unsurprising. Owens’ story is of a family with a poor and rich side. She and brother Joe are from the poor side, people who were lax in paying bills and often moved quickly from one rental to another, whose only real commitment was to keeping the kids in Catholic schools. Their cousins, the wealthy side of the family, were in her telling dipsomaniacs, and although they usually owned their own homes and small businesses, they lost it all to drink.

And they didn’t have cocaine.

Conservative auteurs Robert Davi and Phelim McAleer made My Son Hunter in 2022. I watched it. I liked it. But it wasn’t ready for prime time or well-funded and no one saw it outside readers of Breitbart or The Daily Wire.

Corporate media are finally being forced to cover the millions of dollars paid by Chinese communists, Russian oligarchs, and Ukrainian businesses to Hunter Biden’s business ventures, filtered through LLCs and offshore accounts, to end up in the pockets of a variety of Biden family members, including Joe Biden. None of it ever reported on any tax returns with the Bidens now attempting to explain it away by claiming it was all money they loaned to each other in interest-free loans. Though Joe and Jill bought the most expensive beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for just under $3 million in cash. And the $2 million Prospect street house In Georgetown where the Secret Service had a gun fight with carjackers breaking into one of their black SUVs was guarded by them because three or four different Bidens, including Hunter Biden, appear on the internet as residents. Which has been bought and sold by a variety of LLCs.

As every inch of Hunter’s cocaine use, money laundering, and candy-sprinkled cock have been exposed, damage control forces were called in to protect Joe Biden. Kevin Morris, the Hollywood lawyer and Democrat donor who paid off Hunter’s unpaid taxes, is now supposed to be funding a documentary on poor Hunter and how Republicans have pounced on his troubles.

But he’s too late.

Jason Statham beat him too it with The Beekeeper.

I don’t usually see Statham films, or action films generally, unless they’re syfy. No war movies. No car movies. No Vin Diesel. No The Roc. I don’t think I’ve never seen a Statham movie in a theater or all the way through on TV or streaming. As I sat in the theater, arriving early, at first only white men, mainly 30+ or even 40+ and older, filed in. Eventually two or three Asians, a couple of black people, and maybe half a dozen women arrived. But the crowd was overwhelmingly male and overwhelmingly white, and also older than most movie audiences. It was nice. No one talked or screamed or threw popcorn.

The Beekeeper, will be released to the general public on January 12. And it’s a movie about Hunter Biden. It’s somewhat star-studded. Statham plays a retired elite intelligence community assassin, a biblically named Adam Clay, living in a remote rural community where he’s friends with his neighbor, a retired teacher played by Phylicia Rashad, only slightly grayer than she was as Mrs. Huxtable. He now keeps bees and he helps her clear a hornets’ nest out of her barn. She invites him to dinner, and when he arrives she’s committed suicide. She’s the victim of an online scam that finds elderly people with money that can be drained by getting access to their online data. Clay comes out of retirement as a vigilante to find out who’s responsible and so ends up the target of CIA Director (Minnie Driver), and former CIA Director (Jeremy Irons), now a board member of the multi-billion dollar data mining corporation, Danforth Industries. Danforth was chaired, until she stepped down to run for and be elected as the first woman President Danforth (Jemma Redgrave, the niece of Lynn and Vanessa). Her campaign was largely self-financed, and parts of it are run by her son Derek (Josh Hutcherson), a badly-mannered, sloppily-groomed addict, who runs multiple call centers that dupe people out of their money. Just as the FBI covered up the Hunter laptop, in The Beekeeper the CIA runs cover for Derek. At one point to escape becoming part of the body count Clay’s racking up, Derek hides out in the White House (as Hunter did to escape process servers). While in the White House, Derek snorts cocaine.

Dramatizing a senator’s and president’s son who sells government policy and state secrets to the Chinese and others is hard to dramatize. Showing him defrauding elderly people is easier, and doesn’t depend on the audience understanding an exemption in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for Chinese-owned banks and businesses operating in the United States, something for which critics say Sen. Biden lobbied.

I enjoyed The Beekeeper, though it could’ve been better if the relationships had been fleshed out and if Statham could emote. Mainly, I’m wondering if there will be more Hunter Biden movies this year.


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