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Aug 24, 2023, 05:59AM

Joe Biden’s a Man Of Low Character

The media helps him project his false avuncular image. 

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I’ve been to Lahaina many times, and was saddened to hear the news that the Maui seaside town had burned to the ground, and hundreds of its residents perished. I'm not a big fan of presidents traveling to disaster zones, as such trips add one more logistical challenge to places already overwhelmed. So Joe Biden not rushing to visit the Hawaiian island didn't bother me, although his reply to a question about mounting casualties in Lahaina—"no comment"—did disgust me. A president can’t appear to be so callous when asked about a major tragedy. One sentence of support would’ve sufficed, and then back to the beach. Did Biden come off so cold because age has deteriorated his cognitive abilities or because that's the kind of guy he is? It's hard to tell.

The doddering, gaffe-machine president did finally make it to Lahaina, but it was a waste of time. This was a job for Barack Obama, as Biden's not capable of inspiring anyone at this point, if he ever was. In his opening remarks, Biden told Hawaiian Sen. Maisie Hirono that his granddaughter likes her because she's also named Maisie (spelled "Maisy"). Political banter like this has no place in a town that's just been destroyed. In his weird nod to Rick Bissen, the mayor of Maui County, the President pronounced the name as "Bassin," which made Dr. Jill grimace. He said to the mayor, "When we talked on the phone, you looked like you played defensive tackle for… I don't know who… but it was somebody good." As he spoke, he turned and looked at the politicians behind him, appearing to beseech one of them to tell him who that "somebody good" was, making him look pathetic. When the President stopped talking, he looked bewildered, like he didn't know where he was. Maybe he didn't.

Biden went on to relate, once again, the story of his wife being killed in a car accident decades ago. He took heat for this, but his message was that he knew what it felt like to not know if your loved ones (he was referring to his two sons who were also in the car) had survived in a dire situation. But the President stuck his foot way up his mouth at another Maui event when he said, "I don't want to compare difficulties, but we have a little sense, Jill and I, of what it's like to lose a home." Biden then went on to talk in great detail about a minor electrical fire in the kitchen of his home which he said "almost" destroyed his Corvette.

How does anyone, much less a president, talk with such disregard for the feelings of those in a town where nearly every car, and many people, got burnt to a crisp? The narcissism is overwhelming. At a ceremony honoring the deceased of Lahaina, the president appeared to fall asleep

As for the accident that killed his first wife in 1972, Biden has told several audiences that the truck driver who broadsided her car was drunk, even though he was charged with nothing—not even a traffic offense. In fact, the evidence suggests that Biden's wife made a fatal error in pulling out in front of the truck from a stop sign. Biden didn't call the daughter of the deceased truck driver to apologize until he was forced to in 2009 when CBS News debunked his defamatory claims that had caused the truck driver so much grief. This is the behavior of a man who will say anything, no matter who gets hurt, if it’ll make him feel better or further his political career. The callousness has always been there, despite the "kindly uncle" image the media's helped Biden sustain.

As for the Corvette nearly getting destroyed, Biden once told a New Hampshire audience about "having had a house burn down with my wife in it—she got out safely, God willing." The fire was confined to his kitchen, and the fire department put it out in 20 minutes.

The media's essentially an extension of the Biden administration. During a Congressional hearing in August, a woman whose soldier son had died in Afghanistan testified that Biden approached her and said, "My wife Jill and I know how you feel. We also lost our son and brought him home in a flag-draped coffin." In fact, Beau Biden sustained no injuries during his tour in Iraq. He died years later, of brain cancer, at Walter Reed hospital. He came home in a "flag-draped coffin"? This is how much Joe Biden cares for other Americans, but google this story and you'll see that, beyond the New York Post, the media didn't cover it, or the other times the President has told the same lie.

CNN hired Canadian journalist Daniel Dale to debunk Trump's many lies, but he only reports on Republican lies now because the media has Biden's back, even though he's been a prolific liar throughout his political career. One of the President's most recurring lies was his ludicrous claim that he never—not even once—discussed Hunter's global business ventures with his son, even as he was ferrying him around the world on Air Force Two to do his sketchy business. Now that the lie's been exposed, to the media's chagrin, the President's spokespeople now say that "he's not in business" with his son. A small portion of the media is now investigating whether or not that's also a lie, while the rest of the media's working hard to convince us it's not.

Biden talked about almost losing his Corvette to bereaved people in Hawaii because he's a man who has no empathy. Everything's always about him. If there's a single attribute that describes Biden it's "ambition," but that ambition doesn't extend beyond members of his own family, who've collected millions in foreign payments since he became VP.  


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