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Sep 08, 2023, 05:55AM

Democrats and the Devil

Liberals, revolution and the demonic.

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During a recent interview, Christopher Ruffo said that to comprehend our current cultural revolution, we must identify its origins and history. He selects Marxism as the starting point, going back 50 years. I consider it necessary to go even further back to the first revolution, which happened in the Garden.

It’s challenging to understand how humans have often opted to be revolutionaries, thinking that they could revolt out of nowhere, much like Eve did. Despite being aware that it was forbidden by God, Eve felt tempted to consume the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Why? Satan counseled her, leading to the fall of Adam and Eve. This event represents the emergence of liberal traits that continue to exist in our society today. These include blaming others for one's own situation, not taking responsibility, intentionally being deceitful and lacking remorse, and believing that success in life is being unjustly withheld by outside forces. Throughout history, it’s clear that demons still have an impact on liberals, driving them to push for radical ideas even in modern times.

Robinson Crusoe author Daniel Defoe wrote a book in 1726 titled The Political History of the Devil. Je suggests that the Devil influences mankind through human agency as well as assuming a physical form in the world. He speculates that the Devil has reacted to changing times by moving his influence from the supernatural (witches) to the ordinary world of “beaus, beauties, wits, and fools.”

During the 19th century, socialists and revolutionaries in various parts of the Western world adopted the use of Satan as a symbol of rebellion against Christian influence and the overthrow of the Christian Church. Satan was seen as a “positive role model, as the eternal rebel and the first freethinker.” The belief in God was “one of the most threatening obstacles in way of humanity's liberation.” In 1907, a socialist publication named Brand printed a brief tale titled "In Hell." The story portrays a working-class individual who’s incarcerated and has a nightmare about Hell. In the dream, Lucifer declares, "Jehovah is conservative, but Lucifer is a democrat."

When liberals laugh and mock the Republicans for suggesting there could be demonic forces behind the agenda of the Democrats, the Republicans might have a point. Just as the mainstream media has created flowcharts highlighting the connections between Trump and Russia or to question his judgment based on who he’s affiliated with we should apply the same logic to liberals and their association to the demonic.

During the monkeypox outbreak, the Biden administration appointed Demetre Daskalakis to manage the government's reaction. However, he was also known to be a supporter of Satan, which caused some concern. Although the media dismissed it as a joke, Daskalakis defended himself by stating that he wasn’t truly a Satanist but merely had a fondness for the symbolism. Unfortunately, it seems that when those with liberal views hold positions of power, their appetites tend to surface and possibly causing more harm. For example, gay California State Senator Scott Wiener tweeted a link to a guide for the Folsom Street Fair “where you’ll get your fill of hot hairy daddies, hungry pigs, BDSM babes, and kinks of all kinds”; the last sentence reads, “For folks that may recognize bumps (that may well indeed be MPX), and are still determined to go out, cover those bumps up! Preventing skin-to-skin contact is an effective way to reduce risk of MPX.”

Exposing children to LGBTQ apparel as Target did can have a significant impact on a child’s interests. Suppose a toddler likes Spider-Man, they might want to wear Spider-Man clothes, watch Spider-Man cartoons, read Spider-Man comics, and even act as Spider-Man. The LGBTQ material is meant to keep exciting ideas in the thoughts of children, so they never forget them and may one day pursue them as enjoyable activities. It’s believed that by aligning themselves with the LGBTQ community, the Democrats may increase their voter base as these children grow up and become eligible to vote.

The affiliation to recognize is that even through Target was not selling Satanic pride garments to children as incorrectlyreported, the garments were designed by a Satanist, who sells clothing for adults adorned with such platitudes as, “Satan respects pronouns.” The way this gets downplayed is to make it obvious that the designer is a Satanist but Target was only selling non-satanist pride stuff for children. See, no big deal.

The frequency of the demonic in today’s culture is worsened and kept going by political and economic systems that either disregard its existence, giving it the freedom to continue; or actively encourage it by establishing or accepting practices that contribute to its growth. The Satanic Temple can be seen as a result of this practice. The Temple has now become very active in the issue of abortion by suing Idaho and Indiana claiming abortion is a religious ritual and when that failed they launched a telehealth abortion clinic. The Satanic Temple is also responsible for popularity of After School Satan Clubs for children ages 5-12 and are increasing in popularity and plan to expand into high schools and colleges. Recently at a Florida school Board of Education meeting a teacher got up to the podium and declared, “I’m a Satanist and I’m an educator” and went on to say that we (Christians and Republicans) can try to change our rules but people like her will always be here to educate the kids.

In the context of Christian beliefs, evil is typically viewed as a conscious decision to defy established standards and principles that are believed to hold true across all societies. This behavior is often characterized by liberalism’s desire to liberate people from what’s considered morally right and just. This rebellious behavior is fueled by a distorted and misguided desire to reject these standards and act in a manner that’s deemed unacceptable or harmful with the belief that it benefits the greater good.

In 1948, Life published an essay written by Whittaker Chambers titled "The Devil." The essay tells the story of a conversation between a man from modern times and the Devil, which occurred at a New Year's party in Manhattan. In the essay, the Devil boasts about his unique strategy for corrupting humanity, not by urging them to do evil, but by luring them in with appealing concepts such as goodness and liberalism.

When individuals with liberal views hold positions of power, it’s often observed their perception of what’s appropriate becomes distorted. This is because liberalism doesn’t have a clear set of guiding principles beyond continuous progress. Liberalism permits those who engage in immoral conduct to present themselves as ordinary. Disregarding this trend could potentially lead to establishing a totalitarian government that claims to promote progress and liberation but in reality, takes away our most valued freedoms and rights.


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