Nov 10, 2008, 07:33AM

The Beatles: Now in a Video Game Near You

Is nothing sacred??

Can't wait to tackle "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on Guitar Hero ...

No doubt that all fans of good music (and music games) rejoiced upon hearing that The Beatles would be the star of a new Harmonix (Guitar Hero 1 and 2, Rock Band 1 and 2). Surely, the developer who invented the modern rhythm game, and later evolved the formula will do a great job with one of the world’s most beloved musical acts. One bit of news we’ve received today comes via Variety which states:

“Game developers will be able to select 45 songs from the Beatles catalog recorded during their 1962-69 tenure within EMI for inclusion in the game.”

So, it’s looking like the game will have 45 songs, and not the usual Harmonix/Rock Band standard (which is closer to 80 songs on disc and a ton of dlc songs). I doubt that the game will be any cheaper (since I’m sure royalties on Beatles’ songs aren’t exactly cheap), though no specific pricing details have been released just yet. Stay tuned for the next bit of Beatles game news - we’re going to keep our ears to the ground with this one.


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