Oct 31, 2008, 01:03PM

Radio 2.0

“The new (music) model is about starting an ongoing economic relationship with a community of enthusiasts. It’s about attention and repeat engagement. It’s about letting go of the idea of the individual transaction and the ‘lost sale’ of a pirate download.”

More great commentary from the best think tank out there:

The transition is already underway. Stereogum, Paper Thin Walls and Brooklyn Vegan are three music blogs that I know of that have either been acquired or have been brought into bigger entities. Pampelmoose is technically a viable business as I get paid to blog and consult around it. My blog is basically the storefront to my other ventures. The real issue about blogs turning into businesses is – what happens to the “trusted source” or the filter? I can’t see how a blogger who is being paid can continue to keep tightly filtering when someone else is looking at the bottom line. It will be hard to remain editorially untarnished too. These issues point to how influential blogs like Pampelmoose can be and also underline their important role in music discovery. We’ll see how it all unfolds.


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