Jun 18, 2008, 10:27AM

Dodging Tornados For Sigur Ros

The epic Icelandic rockers were in Nebraska for a rare show when the region was rocked by severe weather. One fan endured in order to see a great show, an experience that meant all the more knowing how lucky he was compared to some others in the region.

The forecast had called for rain, and maybe even some severe weather, but what we encountered was more than any of us expected.

Our destination: the Sigur Rós concert at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Omaha, the first stop of five on a brief American tour for the art rock band from Iceland.

As show time neared we headed back to the Orpheum only to be greeted by perhaps a thousand souls huddled together outside of the venue while a venue spokesperson explained that we could either gather in the basement or wait outside until the tornado warnings were over.

Soon after the skies opened up, drenching Omaha with some of the most torrential rains I've seen in the past few years.

But lucky for the sold-out crowd that was wondering if it was all for naught, the tornado sirens subsided at about 9:15, meaning the show would go on, if 90 minutes behind schedule.

At the same time that same weather was causing carnage across the Midwest, to the tune of four reported deaths at a Boy Scout camp less than an hour away across the Iowa border.

If anything, that contrast made it that much easier for me to appreciate the moment for what it was, and for me it was that rare chance to see something unique and beautiful, surrounded by friends and the people I cherish the most.


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