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May 19, 2023, 05:55AM

Sentimental Hogwash

On homophobia and crying my way through Otto.

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This week happened to include Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia day during the Mental Health Awareness Month of May. It marks a year since I came out. I’m celebrating with a sea glass hunting “business” trip to Puerto Rico. I posted about the LGBT awareness day on social media yesterday and meant for the hashtag-laden words to show on Instagram, but forgot everything double-posts to Facebook unless I unclick a box. This meant the unwashed political masses of random Facebook “friends” from across the years were exposed to my libtard Antifa diatribe, and I managed to elicit the classic Fox News whiny MAGA-comment “Why does anyone have to talk about their sexuality” and was accused of judging people who judge the choices of others.

This is pretty fair since if you go around telling people their “alternative lifestyle” choices are wrong because you and your Bible-thumping friends should somehow be in charge of my body, of anyone’s body but your own, then sure, yep, I’ll judge you for being a holier-than-thou Karenosaurus Rex. Spend more time cleaning church floors or something, get out of social media comments sections, and don’t tell me what to do with my life or my ladygarden, or tell anyone else what to do with their bodies or the way they choose to express themselves, because none of those things are your business. Don’t ironically complain that you don’t want to hear about people coming out when what you’re really saying is that you don’t approve of people coming out, because you love the décor on the inside of your holy-ass closet so much. Gay isn't contagious. Don’t hide behind Jesus; he’d hate your bullshit; as a survivor of more than a decade of Catholic school, I think of JC as a peace, love and acceptance kind of guy who’d hate some of the comments people make in his name.

Abrupt topic change: This week I saw the fantastic movie A Man Called Otto starring Tom Hanks. There’s a line in my favorite movie It’s a Wonderful Life where after getting ripped a new one by Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey, Mr. Potter mutters under his breath “sentimental hogwash.” I often find myself using this phrase with the same inflections as Potter but with irony. I don’t find it a bad thing, and have always been a fan of the sentimental hogwash genre when it comes to film. The Capra classic is known for its sentimentality—in addition to people who judge others based on sexuality, people who don’t like It’s a Wonderful Life might be the other type of person I don’t trust.

Stream A Man Called Otto on Netflix. Tom Hanks has rarely made a bad film, and I was shocked to learn the film was snubbed by the Oscars, garnering no nominations. I can’t stand it when people write about movies and simply do plot reviews, so I'll spare you. It’s much more than the “get off my lawn” movie; its intricate treatment of depression and suicide are harrowing and poignant. I spent a lot of time in tears during the film—to me if a film moves you to tears it's done its job. If you like plot summaries and spoilers, The New York Times and Roger Ebert reviews were pretty accurate and positive, and Rotten Tomatoes viewers 97 percent love it, which means three percent of people (and the 2022 Academy) were born without a soul. The supporting acting is flawless, including Hanks’ own son Truman playing his younger self, and a very talented cat.


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