Aug 14, 2008, 09:41AM

Morbid Fascination

Once a college writer discovered MyDeathSpace, the website that tracks dead MySpace users, he couldn't turn away for a week. But after realizing that a family shouldn't have to defend their deceased child's life from crazy evangelicals on social networking sites, he stopped going to MyDeathSpace, and he recommends you do the same.

The other day while enjoying a late lunch on the Collis porch and perusing my new favorite web site, I learned that 22-year-old Tim McLean had been stabbed to death and beheaded on a Greyhound bus by a fellow passenger. Tim’s seatmate blew a psychopathic gasket in the middle of the night on a lonely stretch of the TransCanada Highway, somewhere in Manitoba.

Welcome to MyDeathSpace.com, a Web site dedicated to reporting the most extraordinary and tragic deaths of MySpace users. MyDeathSpace displays the lurid details of each user’s death and — thanks to their MySpace pages — the even more graphic details of the users’ former lives.

Although I’ve been fascinated with this site for the past week or so, watching Tim McLean’s family continue to post on his MySpace page (and keeping up with their efforts to fend off some insane evangelical church that descended upon his funeral) has simply proven too creepy for even my morbid sense of humor.

While the internet has allowed us to “connect” across the globe, we are now more “disconnected” from humanity.

These are people, after all. Or they were.


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