May 14, 2008, 08:41AM

Computer Virus Outbreak Perfectly Disguised

PC users and British girl band fans, watch out for any free downloads coming your way. One of the largest computer virus outbreaks in years has been packaged as a downloadable free Girls Aloud song. But then again, if you're downloading manufactured pop music made by tarted up women with no musical talent you might have more important things to worry about.

"Almost 500,000 people have been caught out by a booby-trapped media file, says security firm McAfee.

The fake file poses as a music track, short video or movie and has been widely seeded on file-sharing networks to snare victims.

Anyone downloading the trojan and trying to run it is asked to install a codec that will play the supposed media.

In the last seven days McAfee said the trojan had been found on more than 500,000 of the PCs that notify the company when a malicious file is downloaded.


Just for good measure, here's a Girls Aloud video for evidence. Ha, can't speak French! Who cares if the lad is H-O-T, right birds?


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