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Society Continues to Explore Different Vacation Types in 2023

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In recent times, particularly since the world started getting back to normal again, people have been holidaying more frequently and experiencing different types of holidays. Be it a beach-based offering or a sports-based trip in a major city, vacations are changing and people are opening themselves up to different types of holidays.

Of course, there are still holidaymakers who are back to frequenting their usual favourite spots on this glorious planet of ours, but there are also millions of people who are spreading their wings a bit and venturing to new territories and enjoying new vacation packages. They certainly aren’t short on options either, particularly when factoring in the wealth of options we have available to us. For now, though, there are some evident standout types of vacation that are particularly popular with people at the moment. Let’s assess some of the most favoured options below.

City trips will always be popular

A go-to vacation for many is visiting some of the world’s major cities, be it New York, London, Paris or Sydney. A metropolitan adventure typically involves shopping, sight seeing, car horns, construction noise, good food and drink, and essentially all things that revolve around the hustle and bustle of city life. For some people who live in a major city anyway, these types of holidays are becoming less appealing, but they’re extremely in demand with other holidaymakers. Visiting cities will always be popular, particularly given the comprehensive selection of things you can typically do in a city also, from seeing a theatre production and watching a movie, to enjoying a fine dining experience and exploring a museum. If big crowds aren’t for you, though, then a city trip is probably one to avoid.

A safari adventure is an amazing thing to do

In 2023, heading to an animal-filled location for a safari adventure is an unbeatable experience. In fact, safari holidays have always appealed to people, perhaps due to David Attenborough’s excellent documentaries on the animal kingdom, movies like Madagascar, or even games with a safari theme like Mega Moolah. Whatever the reason, heading to popular destinations like South Africa and Tanzania is an amazing experience as holidaymakers throw themselves into a wild setting and see some of Earth’s most beautiful creatures in their natural environment. These types of holidays are typically supplemented by a stay in a top hotel, lodge or cabin that adds to the overall experience. Going on a safari isn’t for everyone, but if you’re keen to immerse yourself in the animal world, then it’s a truly amazing thing to do.

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Camping trips always result in stories to tell

You don’t necessarily need to venture to a foreign location to enjoy a break away from your regular everyday life. That’s exactly what camping provides, with millions of people around the world discovering camping and reconnecting with nature in the process. Perfect for people who aren’t afraid to get a bit dirty and enjoy the sights and the sounds of an outdoor setting, sleeping under the stars and spending time in a wild environment is the perfect antidote for busy city living, for example. It’s also a great way of coming together with friends and family and all pitching in for a common goal, be it to nail a delicious meal or to pitch a tent. If you’re a person who enjoys luxury offerings, though, then camping probably isn’t for you.

Other popular vacation types at the moment include a road trip, a cruise, a group tour, an adventure holiday, a girls/guys vacation, a solo vacation, and a staycation in a nearby location.


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